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About us - World war 3rd (Third) author

WorldWar3(™) is an online presence trying to join the war enthusiast communities.
I am Fraz and i have been teaching international politics for some years now. I love to read conspiracy theories and not believe most of them. Will love to build a nuclear winter apocalypse house one day. Trying to learn things from news, articles, books and online material. I am also a gamer and mostly play war games like call of duty, battlefield and other strategic games. Not trying to give my own opinion and if you think that my information is wrong then you are free to point out and correct me in the comment section. I will always try to be totally unbiased as I can. Let's build a community of conspiracy theorists, world war enthusiasts, apocalypse researchers, and nuclear shelter home builders.You can also send us a guest post to make changes in current posts or provide more knowledge to the people. We will appreciate it and consider it for publishing. 
I have also done other work on my other interest and lifestyle of Permaculture Minimalism. Where I have explained the concepts Permaculture and Minimalism in detail. Permaculture and Minimalism. You can read about them by clicking on the links.
This are my Quora profileYoutube channel and also has presence on MediumReddit. I have not done much work on them. Will try to make more contributions on these platform with time. Still working on Twitter and Pinterest accounts. Also will include and work on more other social media channels. Maybe we can all make a community on any single platform where we can share thoughts with each other.
Blogfeedme(™) is our umbrella Company.


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What countries will be in world war 3 - possible nuclear full scale war

We are not going to talk about Zombie apocalypse or any kind of alien invasion of the planet Earth. Zombie apocalypse just like alien invasion probably is a thing that will start in the United States America and by the United States of America. This is how we are taught about these things in the movies. It will be interesting to know the role of the different world war 3 countries impacting the world politics directly or indirectly. World War 3 countries to fight These will be countries with a higher tendency to lose or gain their objectives. these objectives can be of many types like territorial gain or loss turning country or countries into its Ally, serving a country or countries in the longer term and other kinds of interest serving the countries involving in this kind of conflict. We will cover the probable role of the following regions: United States of America Russia China India and Pakistan Europe Africa South America World war 3 countries

Who lost in ww2? Group of countries that lost World War 2

No single country lost in world war 2 but the fascist axis alliance was lost in the second world war. Main countries that lost were Germany Japan Italy It's a difficult question because in this kind of global conflict no country wins. The end of this world started a new era of bipolar world. The United Kingdom lost most of its colonies and suffered a great amount of losses. The United States of America on the other hand enjoyed a distant relationship with the main war struck countries. Summarising the world war 2 in this video.  Total deaths of people of the countries affected in World War II are mentioned below. DEATHS BY COUNTRY  Country Military Deaths Total Civilian and Military Deaths Albania 30,000 30,200 Australia 39,800 40,500 Austria 261,000 384,700 Belgium 12,100 86,100 Brazil 1,000 2,000 Bulgaria 22,000 25,000 Canada 45,400 45,400 China 3-4,000,000 20,000,000 Czechoslovakia 25,000 345,000 Denmark 2,100 3,200 Dutch East Indies -- 3-4,000,000 Estonia -- 51,000 Ethiopia 5,0