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WW3 updates, events and news - could be the cause of next World War?

Updates are the USA Iran political tensions, the ongoing US China trade war, pandemic situation and the consequences of it, US civil protests and Indo Chinese border standoff. This is a new world and we're living in a rapidly changing world with the strings of events happening one after another.

We are now covering every major World War 3 news today and of tomorrow. We will update you with the latest important probable World War 3 building events and updates which can alter our future world. Starting with year 2020 important details updated in this article.

Killing of General Soleimani

General Soleimani was killed by the United States of America in a Drone Strike. The relationship between the United States of America and Iran became more tense and was near to escalating a big scale war. We covered all whole impact, background and consequences of this event in articles Start of World War 3? Sulemani killed and Iran strikes back-The world after and Will there actually be a World War 3? If Iran and U.S conflict escalates.

China US trade war 

There has been a tug of war between the United States and China open known as trade war the United States wants to lessen its reliance on the Chinese products. trying to thrive its own manufacturing industry. It is what the Trump administration thinks is best for their people's interest in the long run. The Trump administration also made changes in NAFTA and other trade policies.China also increased  the tariffs on United States products as a response. Since then the changes have been made by both the parties. The trade war will take a different dimension in the pandemic and post pandemic era.

China trade modern skyline

Life of Pandemic

Then came the pandemic which changed many aspects of our life. it says the way will live before this. It is the biggest blow to the world of  globalisation.  It will  completely change the trade and travel among the countries. even the Modern War was of the chemical and biological direction of the war because of devastating impacts. Countries will be thinking of switching from nuclear weapons to research in chemical or biological warfare. This could have devastating impact, destroy the balance of power among nations and could possibly start a new arms race of biological weapons.

Life in global pandemic

Blame game of the pandemic

The USA and China have been blaming each other for this pandemic. There are many conspiracies around how it all started. Is it manmade or spread from natural causes?

China says that the US has involvement in its spread when a team from the United State arrives in China.

Crude Oil price war

The already hit crude oil prices again hit the bottom because of the politics between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Saudi Arabia to teach the Russian policy makers a cruel lesson not to mess with them affected the major part of every oil producing country including their own. Saudi Arab a major dependent on the export was hit big by its own decision. It really diminished its dream to become one of the global leading powers and diversifying  its source of income. Which was included in its vision 2030 and already hit the economy of the world will take a lot of time to recover  from it. The demand of the oil will take a lot of time to be on the same level as it was before the pandemic. Moreover things have to be even between the all producing countries that Russia and Saudi Arabia (OPEC countries). Vision 2030 may take another 20 years to be achieved.

Crude oil price war

European economic situation

The economy of the whole world is under a huge pressure in the current situation. Europe, the epicenter of World War 1 and World War 2 especially had an adverse effect.

US Civil unrest

There has been civil unrest in the whole of the United States. Not previously seen in the history of the U.S.A after the George floyd event. There has been speculation from day one that how Trump got into the office. The whole election scenario was very doubtful to the masses in America, giving the Russian involvement scandal and other scandals. He has been known because of his orthodox background and orthodox way of handling things. How he is handling this situation is raising more concerns even in his own administration.

US civil unrest

China India border standoff

There has been tension going on the borders of Indo China. The border in some parts disputed between those countries and both countries claiming its territory. There has been a major War fought between these two countries in 1962. It was in the favour of China because of its  outnumbering military against Indian military. Still after that there has been high tension and  clashes from time to time between those countries. Maybe China believes in the saying that “every crisis is an opportunity”. Then definitely it was the right  to prove its mettle in the right place just like the South China Sea. Other world countries will not raise concerns now because they have to handle problems of their own.


Things are changing quickly in this day and age. Earth is facing new kinds of challenges like hybrid warfare and complicated issues. Any news, rumor or propaganda can spread to the other corner of the world with just a few clicks. That was the world of world war 1 when the tension among nation build up and just needed a trigger like Archduke Franz Ferdinand of austria assassination. There is still hostility among many nations but is the world today that volatile to wage another great war or next world war?

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Disclaimer: We are not endorsing anything and we are very antiwar. We are just trying to analyse the major international political moves which can potentially result in the next major event or World War 3.


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