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What countries will be in world war 3 - possible nuclear full scale war

We are not going to talk about Zombie apocalypse or any kind of alien invasion of the planet Earth. Zombie apocalypse just like alien invasion probably is a thing that will start in the United States America and by the United States of America. This is how we are taught about these things in the movies. It will be interesting to know the role of the different world war 3 countries impacting the world politics directly or indirectly.

World War 3 countries to fight

These will be countries with a higher tendency to lose or gain their objectives. these objectives can be of many types like territorial gain or loss turning country or countries into its Ally, serving a country or countries in the longer term and other kinds of interest serving the countries involving in this kind of conflict. We will cover the probable role of the following regions:

  • United States of America
  • Russia
  • China
  • India and Pakistan
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • South America

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World war 3 countries


The main country and the most probable country e going to be involved in this kind of conflict definitely will be the United States of America. looking at the history of this kind of conflicts we can definitely not keep out the United States from war. if you try to keep the USA from war then they will bring democracy to you. giving the lamest and unjustifiable excuses to there on people invade other countries and wage war. When there is profit involved in the war and this kind of conflict We cannot end wars.  the Vietnam war is one of the best examples where the USA try to inflict their interest in a region and involved in a never-ending war that ended in there defeat.


The country on the other side can be The mother Russia. Back from the Soviet days, we know that what kind of military might and the biggest country on the whole planet can do.  USSR was one of the victims of World War 2. and after World War II do we saw a bipolar world. with the United States of America and the USSR being two different poles. dividing the world into two groups, with two different systems of communism and democracy. Though Russia is not that powerful that it was 30 or 40 years before but it is still the world's biggest country in the area. So history and geography are on their side with the landmass this pic it is nearly unconquerable. Looking at the previous 100 years Russia or USSR was the only country that can look into the United States Eyes directly. maybe e t media is keeping this third alive to make this and national security issue and to keep the message United against a common so-called threat.

mother russian empire in WW3
mother russian empire in WW3


One of the oldest civilizations along with the Mesopotamian civilization, Indus Valley Civilization, and the Egyptian civilization there was the yellow river civilization.  this yellow river civilization in modern times can be referred to as the modern China Chinese civilization. For centuries there has been a tug of war to dominate the world between the Chinese civilization and other empires. China trying to rise up not the same way as invading other Returns but regional and domestically dominating other tribes and other kingdoms. China has always been so conserved and never really tried to expand its borders in the south below the Himalayas Mountain Range, In the north to the Siberian wilderness and to the west which is the modern-day Central Asian republics. it is still the same case today China you lighting can a single leadership at capturing the area the claim. still not expanding their borders beyond there claim territory but dominating the world with its trade volume unlike the United States in world politics on their side. This domination will definitely result In raising the stakes of gain to loss. It will ring an alarm to the other parties trying to get their shares in world politics.

These three countries are nuclear-armed and must be involved directly to make any war a world war.

Chinese imperialism -the trade giant
Chinese imperialism -the trade giant

We have covered the chances of a world war waged by India and Pakistan in this article


Then there is the developed word of the European Nations. these Nations made Alliance of NATO which was primarily against the USSR. the alliance is still alive even after the USSR disintegration and now it is is to tackle any kind of aggression of Russia. it creates a balance of power between Russia and the European Nations. but with this balance of power, it also increases the risk of Trust issues and unreliability among the relationships of these Nations. With Russian annexation of Crimea which was a part of Ukraine. installing of s 400 anti Missile system on the borders stop it always has been it and environment between these parties. Eastern Europe hanging in between To choose which side to support according to the national interest. Not getting deeper into the details of every country in Europe. for example, Germany can choose to stay neutral even it's in the middle of developed Europe and the biggest country of the European Union. and Turkey which is a part of Europe can choose to stay neutral or to choose the other side depending on the Geo-Political situation.

Europe strive for economy
Europe strive for economy


Most of Africa will remain neutral because it's not colonial Africa and there is a war within there on countries. Since colonialism, there hasn’t been much stability in domestic politics or the proper use of the resources. Some Northern African countries like Egypt that can engage in this kind of War because of their neighboring country like Israel.

South America

South American countries please refrain from any kind of War. because they are not any military might and countries like Brazil must have other priorities like poverty. when Argentina and the United Kingdom went to war over the Falkland Islands near Argentina which both claim their territory. Argentina was totally exposed to its military strength against the United Kingdom.

Other nations

Australia as a Commonwealth country will support politically and militarily the Western group. Japan and South Korea geographical are located near Russia, North Korea, and China. for political and military support and to keep the balance of power in the region, they support the United States of America.


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