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What is World War 3 and related frequently asked questions

We are here compiling the most relevant common questions that come to mind relating to World War 3 to make a very helpful guide to the whole topic.

World War 3 is the name given to the next global great war. World War 3 will probably include most of the countries of the world directly or indirectly fighting with each other and can involve nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

There are many global conflicts like the cold war, fighting the common pandemic and others in which many countries are involved but not of them can be named as World War 3.

It's a detailed guide of the content of this website. You can browse other detailed articles by just clicking on the underlined hyperlinks on the topic names. We have discussed World War 3 in detail in this article. The first question that arises is how can we be so sure about this kind of global event to happen.

What are the chances of world war 3

There can be many possibilities, reasons and high chances of third world war in many regions across the globe. Following are the probable hotspots.

  • Israel conflicts

  • The South China Sea

  • Iranian military situation

  • USA global politics

  • Biological Pandemics

  • Space wars

There can be many possible reasons to start world war 3rd just like world war 1 with just killing of a single person.

Will there be next world war or apocalypse

For that we have to read the predictions and the prophecies related to World War 3. There have been many such predictions for different events like Armageddon, Doomsday, Apocalypse and World War 3. These are the different events but sometimes confused and mixed with each other. Many different mystics, astrologers like Baba Vanga, Nostradamus and others has many predictions about these events.

Nostradamus predictions

WW3 Time

We have world war 3 countdown in our website accounting for the different factors like the current political situation and international relations between the countries. 

Weapons of World War 3

It's going to be a war in future and with the weapons it's gonna be fought it will create immense destruction all over the globe. Most of which we cannot undo and have to live in this kind of different Earth if we were alive then.

Location of World War 3rd

There can be different hotspots of this war; different countries on different regions and continents can participate in it. Holding their own interest in this war there are political tension building in many countries for many different reasons. Just like the region of South Asia where 24.89% of the world population is located and this population is only increasing day by day. Role of India and Pakistan can also ignite this multinational war.

Countries in Southern Asia


Population (2020)













Sri Lanka






South Asian countries population data from worldometer

Which neighbouring China which is the most populous country in the world with 1.393 billion in 2018 Consequences of War in this region will be extreme. 

WW3 News today

Updating you with current latest political, geo political and potential war building events.

Preparation of World War Third

This will be possible nuclear, chemical or biological war. How to get secure and keep safe from it read this Preparation of War article.

What world war 3 would look like

There are varying reasons and varying factors which can affect this kind of war on a huge level. So the estimate of any possible result will be very inaccurate. Different kinds of scenarios, calculating different factors with different countries and will try to simulate the ww3 results.

Other commonly asked questions (FAQ's) on google are as following.

When did World War 3 started?

World war 3 is the hypothetical name given to a future global conflict. None of the Global conflict has been officially recognised as World War 3. So there is no world war 3 (third world war) or definitely not world war 4(fourth world war).

How many world wars are there?

2 world wars, there are still only 2 World Wars fought between many countries of the world. We have covered about it in more details in this article "how many world wars are there?". People mix ordinary wars, cold war and other US wars with a world war.

How many countries have to be involved for a world war?

Just to give a rough estimate of the scale of this war there could be at least 25 nations participating directly or indirectly in this Global war to be known as world war.

It is known that 30 nations were involved in World War 1. Whereas in World War 2 more than 30 nations were involved.

What is the longest war in history?

Comparing the length of the modern wars the longest is not World War II or World War 1. It is the most recent war, the Afghanistan war

Which has fought with the most advanced weapons the world has ever seen. 

What is U.S military draft?

U.S military draft is the military conscription that can be used for peace and war times. This rule is still in place for now.

Who can get drafted for World War 3?

All male are required by law to have registered within 30 days of their 18th birthdays. Male ages between 18 to 26 are eligible to be drafted for a service requirement of 21 months.

At what age can you no longer be drafted?

Once you are of age 26 you are no longer eligible for the military draft.

Who won in World War 1?

Not a single country won World War 1 but the group of countries won it. 

Britain, France and the U.S also known as the allied power won World War 1 against the  German Empire, austro-hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire which were altogether known as Central powers.

Who lost in World War 1?

Not a single country lost in WW1 but the alliance of the German Empire, austro-hungarian Empire and the Ottoman Empire countries called the central powers lost in world war 1.

Who won in world war 2?

World War 2 was won by the allied powers mainly Great Britain, France, China the Soviet Union and the United States against the axis alliance of mainly Germany, Japan and Italy in the second world war.

Who lost in world war 2?

Similarly Germany and its alliances lost in World War 2. We have written a detailed article you can read about here "Which country lost in world war 2?".

Chances of World War with Iran?

You can read more about the current situation after the Killing of Suleimani and other factors that can lead to a war with Iran. Start of world war with Iran?

General qassem soleimani
Iranian War

Will the current political tensions lead to a new World War?

This is about the topic in detail.

Will there be next world war?

Next World War
Next World War

Best war games to enjoy

In the meanwhile if you like to play games just like me then you can enjoy these games relating to World War 3.

World War enthusiast products

If you are a world war enthusiast then you just like these products from our store. Scratchable world map where you can wage war on the other countries sitting on the couch. Desktop globe with LED light to beautifully highlight the world map and countries.

Please comment on the questions you want to ask so we can answer and update the post later.

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