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Informative Scratchable World Map Wall Sticker for geography enthusiasts

Scratch Off World Map With Cylinder Packing Wall Stickers For Room Decoration
This is an easily scratchable map and can be used to wage your own world war 3 on other countries and making alliances by just scratching. For any other fun project or give a gift to your children get hold of the world countries name and geography as a fun game. Journal of world map poster with every country flags. Test your memory with every detail on the map. Track all of your adventure trips and every experience in the world. Decorate your house with this beautiful map.
I had four of them for my house and was totally satisfied with the product quality. I have now sourced them from a reliable seller and own bulk of them. Shipping can take time from 2-4 weeks depending on your location.
Scratchable map:
You can use any coin or any pen that you like to scratch the upper layer.
1Piece 42.3 X 30cm Black Map
Specification: Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker. Material: Paper. Style: Classic. Size: approx 42.3cm*30cm. Package includes: 1x Map

Get from our store from this link.

Easy scratchable world map with lot of information to learn. Have fun yourself or send as a gift.Size 20x28 inch with added bonus.

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