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How many world wars are there in the world

There have been 2 world wars that can be termed as world wars.

A world war requires many countries to engage in conflict directly or indirectly. 

Many conflicts like the cold war were termed as World War 3 but it is not widely recognised as this kind of global world war. 

Some may argue that fighting a global virus pandemic is World War 3 of a different kind. Because there is a sizable amount of people and countries fighting a common threat. However, these nations are not fighting with each other. The world is still facing global catastrophe of a war type situation and in a global meltdown with normal activities are In lockdown. 

Here the World War II is explained and the results of the losing and winning side are stated.

The world war I is easily summarised here.

What does it mean for the future of the world and how will be the next World War 3, we have discussed in these articles.


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