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What would happen if world war 3 started-Tech wars to nuclear destruction

We have observed the weapons and the effects of these weapons in the previous two world wars. In World War 2 the United States of America used 2 nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the consequences of these nuclear weapons can be seen for years to come. We covered the scale of world war 3 in this article.

War of technologies

Therefore keeping in view the Unstoppable destruction of nuclear weapons or conventional weapons and evolution of human rights and the U.N charter, the next World War can be fought on computers. Keeping in view the advancement of Technology in every field the Countries like China and India after the U.S.A has started to invest heavily in the space program. 

Countries are investing less on their people but investing more in the quality of the technology military personnel going to use. 

technology war
technology war

The consequences of the war and if there is a victory of a nation or some Nations then It will depend on the overall strategy, weapons used and time of the overall world war. 

Conventional war versus nuclear war

If it happens to be an only all-out commercial war between the world Nations then there will be slowly exhausting the resources and will depend on the overall strength of nations. These over strength of a nation depends on many factors like geopolitical location factor, geopolitical security of a nation,  secure trade routes for getting the supplies are constantly engaged in trade with the allies, type of alliances of a country, political affiliation, relationship with the neutral or other countries, interdependencies and dependencies of a country on other countries, resources and distribution of those resources, easy access to resources, Technology, quantity, and quality to produce food, fuel, required metals and Minerals and The overall economy and military strength of the countries.

Mutual assured destruction

After exhausting these conventional weapons and conventional resources if there is no easy way out for all the parties then these Nations can turn towards the nuclear weapons which will assure mutual destruction (M.A.D). The number of nuclear weapons and the quality of nuclear weapons today all of these countries have can make sure the elimination of most of the living beings on planet Earth if not all. Even using tactical nuclear weapons to cause less destruction with high accuracy the damage will be enormous.

war destroying every hope

Attack on the energy sources

One priority of all the countries involved will be to attack the energy sources and industries to stop producing more weapons needed against their Country.

Depending on the overall strategy of War, some countries may violate the international U.N agreements, like safeguarding innocent civilians, women, and children, use of chemical weapons and biological weapons.


The use of modern-day technology or tools of hacking will be enormous in the upcoming wars.modern day hacking

Using media to do propaganda

There will be war among the media groups with the state-owned or affiliated media houses will show a biased, half-truth, sponsored truth and will be a tool to spread propaganda against the enemies and enemy countries.

Using hate speech, racism, narcissism to increase nationalism of the state

There will be hate speech racism narcissism all in an attempt to increase nationalism among these states to support the cause of War and increase integrity in the nation.

Destruction of the overall economy

War of this calibre will bankrupt the countries and disrupt all of the economies of the country for many years to come.

Creating chaos in some countries 

There will be hate speech, racism, narcissism all in an attempt to increase nationalism among these states to support the cause of War and increase integrity in the nation.


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