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There will be World War 3? Reasons and location of this mega conflict

We covered the chances of different scenarios and reasons of world war 3. The political tug of war in different regions of the world. These issues can eventually result in the possibility of the world war 3.

Possible Reasons for the world war 3

There can be many reasons that can start World War 3 like it can not only be the human-driven Catastrophe but also can be because of a natural disaster. Like a meteor strike that killed all the dinosaurs in the world and with the rapid changes in our solar system, a small change in solar flares, shifting of magnetic poles or change in our orbit can be disastrous to all of humanity. These things can mean the scarcity of resources and other things which can be the cause to start a world war.

Predicting this kind of natural disaster is always very hard so we will focus on the human-driven reasons to start a World War. 

There can be many reasons that can start World War 3 like the Clash of Civilization. It can be because of a difference in the culture, community, the thought process, And different values. Now the world is a global village but there are still main differences between the east and the western civilizations. The greed and the domination of the world have always been there in human nature so it can be politicized making this diversity into the differences. 

Advance weapons
Advance weapons of the world

Misinterpretation of the religions

People with the wrong understanding of religion can be basis for a Global war. It’s not the religion to blame but there are more common things between these religions and among these religions then the differences. Every religion has a common idea of the dominance of the good over the Evil. Every religion preaches of the betterment of human life but there are some exceptions like the KKK and other satanic religions. Religion itself is a good thing and unite the people but there are some people following or not following the religion which misinterpret deliberately or not deliberately influenced by politics, personal reasons or Human greed. So someone for any group does a misdeed then their religion, their colour, their race, their background shouldn't be blamed. But the reasons that caused them to do to the Evil. We cannot end the evil unless we and the reasons that cause full Evil. Like there is a saying “hate the sin, not the sinner”. So some people, groups, government or organizations that use some people in the name of religion for their own needs can cause a big scale war. Religion is an emotional attachment for many people in the world.   Suppressing, trying to destroy, amending these emotions of the people will not do good. These emotions and thinking our passed from generation to the next generation. We cannot wage war with thought processes or fight with bullets against people with different thinking than us. If you just complicate the situation and gradually move the world into this quicksand.

Different ideologies

There can be other ideologies other than their religious ideology.  Like the difference in the systems of government communism, socialism, monarchy and capitalism. That again can be used again people of the other system politicizing it, portraying it as an evil system and presenting on the system the best for the modern humankind.

Likely locations, countries and conflicts in the world

We covered the countries in the conflict of this scale in detail in this article. Some regions of the earth has high chances of ww3. There can be many present issues and conflicts between many countries that can be extended into a World War. Like

  • The North Korean threat to the world
  • Iranian situation
  • Israel conflicts
  • Kashmir issue
  • The South China Sea
  • USA political domination
  • Virus Pandemic
  • Man Made Catastrophe

North Korean threat

All of these issues can escalate the war to other countries. North Korea’s threat is not that big that the Coverage is getting from the Western media and the United States of America. These kinds of the hoax are made to keep the nation United against the common enemy and somehow I justify all the arms, military expenditure and keeping the nationalism high among the people. The nuclear weapon North Korea has is of very low grade according to United States experts themselves. And the mechanism to secure the American alliances like Japan and South Korea the USA has very accurate and effective anti-missile defense system. The USA will like to increased presence around North Korea to also increase the pressure on Russia and China. This will be concerning to both of these countries that the Open Water passage is serving the United States of America in their region. So making the North Korean issue a bigger issue and increasing the presence in the region will increase attention among these important countries. 

South China seas issues

China has disputed the unmarked boundary between the neighbouring countries in the South China Sea. America increasing the presence near Chinese boundaries and with a highly capable and with a big number of naval security will raise concerns to China. Every regional country has its own claim to this important highly resource interest Islands in the South China Sea. And they have to legitimate their claim by engaging in talks or getting into a fight. 

The Iran situation

We have covered the Iranian situation in another post. With the time it is seeming that the chance of a clash with the Iranian government is getting deemed.  Iran is with war with itself people are fighting for the change of the system. The west is pushing Iran towards the wall by putting more and more sanctions on them. The United States of America is also supporting protesters in support to change the so-called Islamic system to a democratic system also somehow by including the son of the former Shah of Iran. If there is no change of system for the current regime and the USA try to make them just like there never Iraq. Then things can change quickly against the western powers. Already have circled Iran with the neighbouring countries of Afghanistan and Iraq by keeping their military presence in them. 

Kashmir issue

We have also written a post on the Pakistan India ties and clashes which can clearly present danger of War 3.

Israel danger to the world?

The danger of Israel presence is always there. Israel and Arab countries as for three wars and with the extensive Technology advancement over the other countries Israel has won all of them. With the increase in the Proxy wars by the countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran in the region of Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.  This region is becoming very volatile and susceptible to very little change. Further escalating this volatility can change the scenario for the whole world.

World war 3 location
World war 3 location

The USA factor

 The United States of America presence in more than half of the world with military bases in many of the countries. The budget spending of more than many other countries combined, involvement in many of the current conflicts and because of it have an Negative image of the  United states of America in the whole world can cause this already present conflicts to a world war.

Dispute caused by virus or other natural disaster

Widespread virus or plague either made by humans or occurring naturally can change demographics, resource distributions and many other problems for the modern world. Just like the Ebola virus, SARS virus and Wuhan Coronavirus Increasing the damage from these viruses can cause a global catastrophe. These viruses can be bio weaponized and can be used by countries trying to effective global peace. Same issues can be caused by other issues like the change in earth magnetic force, change in the ozone layer, solar flares, and meteor Strikes and other disasters like these. 

Wrong experiment or manmade problems

Artificial Intelligence

Furthermore making a problem so big and complex deliberately or not deliberately that humans it cannot stop.  Like making artificial intelligence so strong that it takes over the world's complicated decision making and becomes a threat to the world just like a Skynet from the Terminator movie.

Global warming

Global warming which is a big issue and which is getting so much worse. Countries are still not using the green practices and still using the old methods of industrialisation. Choosing their own country's economy over the wellbeing of all the human beings. Still now if we don't do anything about it then it can cause global meltdown and eradicate many island countries and many big Nations will fall victim of it. Causing an in Irreversible damage to our planet and our precious resources. Then we can find yourself fighting for the remaining resources.

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