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How to prepare for World war 3 by building post-apocalypse safe bunker

The purpose of making an underground bunker to withstand any natural disaster, Catastrophe, and nuclear explosion. This underground bunker cannot be sustainable unless we make it sustainable for many years to come. first designed the bunker safe, strong, hidden and with the all possible necessity is to sustain human life for years to come. 
This can be made by getting the necessary chemicals, types of equipment and elements. really like the underground Bunker made in the movie 10 Cloverfield lane.
But why an underground bunker? because an underground concrete or any strong material Bunker can withstand any type of apocalypses like Zombie  Apocalypse or a nuclear war. Unless or until any nuke is fired above the location of your bunker. Accord one or two-story down Bunker can withstand the radiations from reaching out to the bunker.
I covered the possible scale that the WW3 may be fought in this article.

Location of our safe house

First, we need to select the location of our bunker. we have to see the geology and geography of the area. what kind of excavation we need to do in the area and what kind of rocks are present there to know how feasible is our excavation project is. then the geography of the area that if it is secure enough to build our home for the years to come and to withstand any kind of disaster or apocalyptic environment. Then we have to select the material that we can use to make an underground bunker according to our needs, cost, and requirements. we can further make it heat efficient, strong, noise proof and fire-resistant.
underground bunker
Safehouse Underground bunker
 It's always safe to make two ways of getting in and getting out to the bunker because if anything happens to a passage there should always be a secret passage from the real which can be accessed for any kind of emergency situation.

Getting clean and fresh air

What is the first necessary thing to stay alive deep underground is oxygen? we can get this oxygen from cultivating our own plants or getting the oxygen from the above if it still ok to breathe the air outside.  there should always be a backup plan and both of these ways to get the oxygen are really good.
Clean breathing equipments
Clean breathing equipments

Communicating with the outside world

communication channels with the offered word should be established. in this kind of event there will not be and Netflix kind of streaming application but maybe we have to rely on the other possible type of communicating with each other. Please communicate channels can be of radio, TV getting signal from the antenna, walkie talkie type of communication if we are communicating in a very small distance, through a secure cable getting to your secure house from any other location and satellite connection for communication and internet only if it is possible.

Reading material

Reading material like books or books stored on your modern computer, laptop devices can be a great help. We can always make a collection of useful reading materials like D.I.Y projects making things like a radio for communication learning aquaponic, making medicine and other many useful life-saving techniques which can always be helpful to us.

Getting our food and water

Food and water which is necessary to survive can wear a big problem if we are stuck underground for many years.


one way to do this is to hydroponic or aquaponic farming which is feasible on a smaller scale. we can do hydroponic farming what we will need the basic fertilizers and nutrients for the plants wish you need to grow. another effective way is to do biofloc fish farming and using this precious water which can then be provided to the plants. this circle can be carry on providing us all the food we need to eat. I also loved the movie martian where Matt Damon grows the plants in a very different way on Mars. 


getting water can be a huge problem. we can collect, store and get the rainwater from the high above And then do the basic purification if still not contaminated.we can also get water by getting more underground and getting The underground water from the water table below only if it is not contaminated. the groundwater is basically leaching down of the water from the surface full stop in this process the water gets purified why the soil and other subsurface materials but still if it's still contaminated then we can further have to purify. sure purification we can use some basic techniques like pH paper and devices to use to test the water. then adding the Chemicals like Chlorine and others to make it drinkable. 

The necessary Chemicals that we require

We should always have the necessary chemicals which we can use for many reasons.  Chemicals like
  • nitric acid
  • hydrochloric acid
  • chlorine
We can use the knowledge and look for the other things that we already have and make use of them getting the essential Chemicals from them. like NACL from ordinary salt, acetic acid from vinegar, calcium carbonate from Chalk and alcohol for reasons other than drinking. 

Effective management and designing

We can make use of the small space of our house by watching the houses constructed because of this small house movement. we can manage and create space more efficiently by designing our safe house in a very effective way. 
There should always be space for a store to keep basic pieces of equipment like food and other things to further secure and create things when needed. 
We can use simple rods for push-ups, pull-ups and by adding some weight on it we can use it for bench presses and many other exercises. to even down below keep our self busy, healthy and active. we can all do this all with a simple rod by adding self-made weights and improvising.

Fueling our underground safe house bunker


How to get fuel or gas for the kitchen and for the other things in an underground safe bunker?  We can do it with biogas, it will solve two of our problems. The first thing is that it can solve the issue of the waste that we produce in the washroom or other waste eatables that we are gonna throw. The other thing is gonna give us in return the gas that will fuel up our kitchen. It can be a problem that some areas of the biogas chamber should be exposed to the surface to get the maximum available solar energy. It can also be a problem in the cold regions of the world. Even in the cold regions, we can also use the Other techniques to maintain the temperature around the chamber efficiently. The average underground temperature is of 10-degree centigrade 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The best optimal temperature needed for the creation of biogas is 37 degrees to 47-degree centigrade. We can still make biogas conserving the temperature around the chamber which will receive the waste from our washrooms and also the leftovers from other eatables which can be easily digested in a biogas chamber. With the right knowledge, you can learn it all. like I said books can be our friend in that kind of time of the need.
Lantern outside post apocalypse situation
Lantern outside post apocalypse situation


Get electricity or power to the underground safe house will be a changing thing.  because getting the electricity from the national grid will not be a good idea because it will not be hidden and which can reveal our location. Another option is to get energy from the solar panels but once again it has to be above the surface to get energy from the Sun. now the feasible options are to get energy from the fuel cells batteries from the biogas. But both of these methods have some drawbacks. like if we are using the fuel cell batteries then we need big storage space for batteries, Chemicals like their acid and the metals and other parts that are going to be rusty and need to replace. it will take our big space which is not a likely scenario. get energy from the biogas but the problem will be the same and it will create some more problems. fuel cells still are needed to store energy from the biogas And a combustion engine will be required which can then produce noise which we do not want also. There can be many mini-projects that we can make like getting the kinetic energy from or walking and make a Footpath which contains convert this energy to electricity that we can use.  then it needs a genius design and effective enough to run all of our underground bunkers. so we can use electricity from any outside source but with a concealed and hidden underground that it cannot be exposed to anyone but yourself.

Modifying according to our needs 

We can further make our underground house like a Palace by adding more luxuries. But these are all dependent on the user requirements and the cost.
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