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Will there actually be a World War 3? If Iran and U.S conflict escalates

Will there be an event of the scale of World War 1 and World War 2 called World War 3 in the near future. Answer to this lies in the history of our conflicts. The term world war three was first used by the Time magazine. Getting to the new Iran war news updates.
We love the term World War 3 as the United States gets close to wage war. Some can argue that it can be about clashes of Civilization, terrorism and anti-terrorism forces and war between the newly developed allied and non-allied blocks.

                                               The U.S-Iran conflict explained

But will there be any world war?

A world is needed or major forces like the United States of America country are required to fight for their interests to become a world war. With Iran and the United States clashes, there will be a war but there will be also Nations in support of the United States. countries like Saudi Arabia, Israel, United Arab Emirates some nations of NATO and some other countries giving their political support United States, countries which are under their influence.

A different culture of Islamic Iran
A different culture of Iran
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Which countries will be on the Iranian side?

Iran had good relations with the western block in the Shah regime before the Islamic revolution.  they bought weapons from the United States, working members of there they blocked as a member of SEATO and SENTO. but the anger towards the United States government has increased in random people after the regime change. they see the United States as their enemy and cause of their troubles. So the tables have turned and Iran turned to the Soviet Union and now Russia. but in the case of a war against the Western Nations will Russia interfere or provide support to Iran? it's not the Soviet Union and not the cold war Era anymore to stop but still west and Russia engages in the proxy war in the Middle East and the other regions. these walls of their interest and a pic scale-like world war between Iran and West I will not be there brightest decision to engage in. Iran has influence in other countries like Qatar, Syria, Iraq and supporter subgroups in Afghanistan Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

World War to end a whole civilization?
War to end a whole civilization?
Beautiful Iranian Architecture
Beautiful Architecture

These groups and countries depend on Iran not the other way around. so Iran can only expose the vulnerability of enemies in this kind of proxy war would not at Big scale or war.


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