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The worldwar 3 will happen on the massive scale-destructive nuclear battle

What can be termed as World War 3

There can be many forms and many interpretations of World War 3. Some may argue that the cold war was World War 3. In this case, World War 3 has ended with the disembarkment of the Soviet Union. The cold war is still going on between Russia and the United States. these countries are not engaging with one another directly but fighting for their interest in different regions. these regions are the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Can the United States after Afghanistan, Iraq and encircling Iran can be stated as a World War 3. or high tension political situation with North Korea can wage a world war. A  world war needs many countries to engage with many countries directly. With this Afghanistan, Iraq war maybe NATO and the United States join hands but there were not many countries engaging directly against them. so we cannot term these conflicts as a world war.

Modern world of war with new weapons

The new world has changed, it is not a country or countries versus other countries. its blocks for allies or Axis forces for like-minded with common interest countries joined to make a unified block against other countries. The world dividing smaller and smaller into new Nations on the basis of nationalities, languages, religious and common thought processes.  but the world has known the effect of war and these Nations unite together to serve the common interests and fight common enemies.
So these organizations, blocks of countries will fight The Other League or group of other countries.
The balance of power is shifted in making alliances to serve common goals. with these big alliances, the stakes will be higher and any issue can be magnified. caused by unreliability trust issues among nations or other alliances. The modern Warfare tools these Nations use Are very sophisticated and the world has yet to see the use of sophisticated weapons at its peak. in this day and age, the war is between a very superior power with a very inferior force. these inferior forces use a very old age Technology, old age style of warfare or maybe are a group of people used as a proxy for other countries. in this clash of alliances, we will see the use of most advanced weaponry against other advanced weapons.
Weapons of World War 3

Dangerous nuclear world

The most destructive weapons that can be said are nuclear weapons. many countries possess these weapons And most of the developed world has the technology to make nuclear weapons now. Countries having a nonproliferation treaty are Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and China. that are newly formed are India, Pakistan, Israel with undeclared nukes and North Korea with low yield Nuclear weapon. To tackle this nuclear weapon anti-ballistic missile systems are created. But still, these anti-missile systems are not all a hundred percent efficient in its work. so these nuclear weapons cannot be easily prevented from the strike. even installing a considerable amount of anti Missile system like S400 you can all the missile if fire more than its capability or used MIRV technology of missile. This is the technology Multiple independently targetable entry vehicle which uses a single missile with multiple warheads which split after some time Making it really difficult for any anti Missile system to destroy all of the warheads. so in any case of War of any nuclear-armed Nation using its nuclear Technology, the catastrophic destruction will be inevitable. It will result eventually in mutually assured destruction M.A.D. which is the reply of weapons as the use of nuclear weapons. So eventually causing destruction to the whole planet. So we must be prepared for any kind of nuclear winter in this case.
Destroyed plane post war
Destroyed plane post war

Albert Einstein said, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." So maybe this war will be a destructive one that none of the modern weapons will be left or the world will be reluctant to use them in the next wars.
The possible countries involving in the worldwar 3 are covered in this article


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