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Start of World War 3? Sulemani killed and Iran strikes back-The world after

January 8, 2020, is the new year will it be the new war. Iran retaliated after America (USA) German Qasim Sulemani in a Drone Strike in Iraq. 5 workers to the US airbases. Iran supreme leader called it a slap in the face to the USA. 

Who was General Sulemani

General Sulaimani was the commander of Islamic Revolutionary Guards. He was considered to many the second most influential Iranian leader. he was the mastermind behind all the proxy war in the Middle East region whether it is Iraq or Syria. he was considered a hero because he defeated Isis in Iraq with some have U.S forces. The Middle East policies are really Complex because of these proxy Wars. and these walls have many elements and many countries involved like Turkey Iran Saudi Arabia, the United States, Russia and other groups like Al-Qaeda and Isis.
General Sulemani and his popularity

Why did the United States kill General soleimani

There can be many reasons why! what is the main reason in all of the scenarios can be the pressure putting on the US President Trump of impeachment? and to unite all of the views of the American Nation towards a common So-called national security threat. Doing this will divide the attention of the American people From his impeachment towards the common goal.
General Sulemani

There is a big history between the clashes between Iran and the United States. Trump was always against the Nuclear deal agreement with Iran. Sulemani and the United States never had any kind of love story. The U.S said that President Trump killed Sulemani and it was a defensive move. 

Iran has responded now

It is a well-calculated response and attack. Iran attacks the airbases without any casualty cost. These attacks will achieve many things like the pressure building in the Iranian people against the United States to take action and respond. also, to tell the United States and the world that we don't want to escalate this situation further. Moreover, it also proves that these bases are on their target and they can strike many targets like please in the coming days. buy killing Sulemani the United States has done no favor to themselves.

U.S Warplanes

The coming days

 there were many options for Iran to bring on the heat in the proxy war against the United States. The proxy war against them is not only in Iraq for serial but also in Afghanistan. As mentioned that these proxies were not only but also many other regional countries and many others in regional groups. has not a good history engaging in conventional war and doesn’t want a full-fledged war. the best option is to engage in a proxy war like this. Iran is a good cyber force and they have already to their metal by hacking an important United States Commerce website. Different countries like Canada and other countries have already put their forces out of Iraq. which is a good sign because it doesn't enjoy diplomatic dominance like the United States and doesn’t want to engage with any more forces in the region. U. S.A has already circled Iran with its forces and its allies. The United States has already military bases in Pakistan Afghanistan Iraq Saudi Arabia and other countries. Afghanistan and Iraq are already under their control and Israel has full United States support. America has a good relationship with Saudi Arabia UAE and Pakistan. so things are not good for Iran.
In the coming days, we will see clashes in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. If these clashes escalated more than it will convert into full flashed war and the region it will affect it can become a world war called World War 3.
Browser possible World War 3 scenarios related to Iran


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