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Apocalypse meaning, its etymology, use, synonyms, and history

From where did this word Apocalypse start? Apocalypse word has roots from the Greek language. APO is the further first word and kaluptein is the second word. Apo means un- and kaluptein is to cover. Combining these words make Apokaluptein "to cover" or to unrevealed. And from there in the Latin language, it becomes word apocalypse.

So it literally means uncovering.

Origin Meaning

From the origin meaning it has turned into something different kind of meaning. From The Book of Revelation, we understand it Apocalypse means a cataclysmic type of disaster or event.

New Interpretation

These days will it used it as an end of time kind of situation.  so there can be many meanings of this word depending on the language and context.

                                             apocalypse etymology description

Judeo-Christian Meaning

We can even argue that this word has even more different meanings as we study the Judeo-Christian book day of the lord. the book says all the word of good over evil and the eschatological term can be God over satan.

From the Greek language  to Latin and French

So we can track the name starting initially from the Greek language then transferring into the Latin language. after that, this word apocalypse is converted into the French language and then we have the version of this name in the modern English language.

Apocalyptic Times


Some say that Apocalypse word has the same roots as the word eucalyptus. Eucalyptus means kind of a tree which  Koalas animal eats. linking these two words eucalyptus is a seed that is covered in soil and when uncovered eaten by animals. Relating the word Apocalypse which means to the original translation from the Greek language to uncover or to reveal something. So this word is not so bad as mentioned as the destruction or end of the world full stop this word can be used simply in normal language as to start again or to reveal something.

Browse possible apocalyptic scenarios .


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